Liberation Maiden – Direct-feed gameplay, shows off quality dub.

I’m not some elitist pricks about Japanese voice acting. I don’t believe that every Japanese game/anime should be played/watched in Japanese.  Metal Gears’ English voice acting is top-notch. Eureka seveN sounds ten times better in English than it does in Japanese. Unfortunately, most dubs of anime or games with an anime aesthetic are fucking terrible. It’s the same shitty voice actors in every game, the voices are strained, forced and just awkward most of the time. It’s about quality, not the language spoken. Undubs are one of the reasons I wish the 3DS was hacked so I didn’t have to listen to the terrible voice acting in Kid Icarus: Uprising where Pit sounds like some bratty hick and Palutena just sounds awful.

Even though Liberation Maiden is an eShop game Level 5 went through the trouble of dubbing the game and as you can hear it’s some damn find dubbing.


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