Senran Kagura – Shinovi Versus announced for PS Vita.

Welp, we’re definitely not getting some Senran Kagura games now. As if the 3Ds versions weren’t already up in the air and a pain in the ass to get localized, MMV AQL announced “Senran Kagura – Shinovi Versus” for PS Vita. The Vita is a fucking mess worldwide and yet niche games continue to get localized for it. Most recently that loli fishing game was announced for NA/EU. So, if that can get localized the PS Vita might be our only shot at a localized Senran Kagura game. One things for sure, we’re not getting Burst and Shinovi Versus so we’re definitely gonna miss out on some Senran Kagura games. ;_;

Oh yea, this is “the start of a new series” according to the official twitter.

(Twitter) (Famitsu)


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