Capcom confirms a Monster Hunter localization, can’t reveal which.

Every pessimist and Capcom hater is expecting the news to be Monster Hunter: Massive Hunting (iOS/Android) but anyone with a brain knows you wouldn’t be hyping up a mobile game announcement for a year. There are four options at this point, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD ver., Monster Hunter Tri G, Monster Hunter 4 and Monster Frontier.

  • Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, HD ver.

The PSP is dead and dying and in Japan. Monster Hunter is still fairly niche in the west so there is no way Capcom will bother localizing P3rd for PSP. HD ver. is another story however. It’s an upressed port of P3rd for PS3. The reason that might have a shot is simply because it’s on PS3. It would be OK if they localized this and I’d take it but knowing that Tri G exists with way more content would be a bit hard to live with.

  •  Monster Hunter Tri G

This has a good shot of localization because it’s the latest Monster Hunter. It the likely the last 3rd generation game, assuming all the butt-hurt Sony fans are wrong about P3rd G, and is packed with content. Having only played Tri, I really want Tri G as I’ve yet to play an expansion title. It’s got so much damn content it would be a shame for us not to be able to play it. The reasons this might not get localized is a lack of online and the fact that MH4 is slated for a Spring 2013 release. We’d be getting the old title while Japan get’s the latest. It’s not rare for the West to get an older title in a series while Japan get the most recent though, so who knows. I hope we got both Tri G and 4.

  • Monster Hunter 4

This is most likely the announcement. It’s the latest entry, it’s a vanilla version of Monster Hunter (we might never see G titles again), and it’s more action oriented. Capcom has stated they’re trying to add more of a reason for the hunting too. It’s something a lot of new western players didn’t understand about the first couple of Monster Hunters and Tri. The lack of a story that is. They wanted more of a reason to hunt instead of just accepting a quest and killing monsters. It doesn’t mean we’ll get a ton of cut-scenes and some massive story. They are however introducing more NPCs and a bit more of a story. They’re not westernizing the series by any means but just trying to give players more of a motivation instead of just killing.

  • Monster Hunter Frontier

This seems like a long shot but it’s something fans have been asking for, for years. Frontier is the Monster Hunter MMO that’s only been released in Asian territories.  In Korea you need a SSN to play and some crazy dedicated fans even manage to obtain them…or a fake one at least. Frontier was released on the 360 in Japan and recently Capcom said they’re looking for other platforms to release it on, aside from PC/360. It’s a long shot but it can happen. It’s got a ridiculous amount of content that could keep hunters busy for years, the only problem is it’s based on the 2nd generation.



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