FanMade – Custom Printable Boxart.

I came across this thread at NeogGAF that has fan-made printable boxart for games a couple months ago. Unlike sites like VGBoxart, they actually provide high-quality images you can get printed to replace the terrible boxart publishers usually make for their games. Inside you’ll find templates to create your own, tons of user-created boxarts and tutorials on how to print them. Admittedly, printing them at home is a bit confusing, so to simplify the process of here is the easiest way to print these covers elsewhere.

  1. Save the the boxart you want in a USB drive.
  2. Take it to Office Depot or local print/copy shop.
  3. Print on glossy paper.
  4. Success!

The images are all in the correct size to fit your boxes so you just gotta print em. Below is a mini gallery of some of my favorites for the various platforms they cover (these aren’t printable, get them from the thread.)


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